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Terms & Conditions
Nomination must be made by the General Manager or the deputy.
The nominee shall be dedicated for the field of special needs.
Standard   Guidelines
1      Comprehensive Content   To explain how comprehensive the information in the website is and how they are specialized and relevant.
2      Scientific Information Validity   To explain the level of the scientific information are valid and updated, and the resources the website is relied on.
3      Design   To explain creativity, effectiveness, and practicality on the overall design of the website to be effective in communicating the intended message to the proper audience.
4      Up-to-date Information   To explain the ability to keep pace with the rapid development of the related sciences, providing the latest information, research, and news.
5      Ease of Navigation and Use   To describe the ease of navigation and reaching the information, along with how the website is fast in downloading files.
6      Interactivity   To describe the extent of the audience interactivity.
7      Visitors   To explain the average of the daily number of visitors, showing if there is growth in the number.
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