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Terms & Conditions
Nomination can be made by any member of the family or on behalf.
Standard   Guidelines
1      Adaptation  
To describe how the family dealt with the disability and accepted it as a challenge.
To emphasizing the means that used to overcoming the difficulties.
To explaining how far the family accepted to interact and integrate the child within the community.
2      Social Awareness Contribution   Describe the role of the family through interacting and participating with the social awareness activities, including TV/press interviews.
3      School/Center Development Contribution   To describe the role of the family in developing the center methods through suggestions, ideas, or other means.
4      Child Following-up at School   To describe how the family manage their time successfully to follow up their child in the center through attending the regular meetings and discussing the progresses.
5      Self-Educating on the Disability   To describe the how the family took the next steps in educating themselves about the disability through searching information, reading books, and attending workshops and conferences.
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