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Terms & Conditions
Nomination must be made by the General Manager or the deputy.
Nominated person should be qualified with an educational degree in the same field.
The nominee shall have a minimum experience of 3 years.
The nominee shall be practicing at an authorized institution.
The nominee must have a license issued by Dubai Health Authority or Dubai Medical City.
Standard   Guidelines
1      Performance and Achievements  
The level of performance comparing with achievements.
The level of achievement comparing with the estimated goals.
Challenged tasks required hard efforts. (Including job
contributions and growth)
2      Initiative and Creativity  
Proposals, ideas, research, or any initiatives have been
presented to enhance the level of performance and achievement.
Special services have been provided to the clients to promote and facilitate procedures.
3      Ethical Commitment and Collaboration   To describe the level of commitment and collaboration either with clients or within work teams. Also to describe your ethical employment records through punctuality and commitment to the firm’s regulations.
4      Participation and Responsibility   To describe the extent of attention and care given to the activities and official / unofficial events which the center organizes or participate in.
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