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Princess Haya Award for Special Education starts its 4th Cycle

Dubai 11 September 2011: The Executive Committee of Princess Haya Award Special Education has announced the commencement of the 4th Cycle. The Award will accept applications from all special needs centers in the UAE and Arab world between 15 November 2011 and 15 December 2011.


Princess Haya Award for Special Education recognizes exceptional individuals working in the special needs sector. The purpose of the Award is to promote excellence and advance the type of services offered to individuals with special needs. It also aims at acknowledging the tireless efforts of individuals working in the different fields, as well as encourages the public and private sectors to support excellence and enhance the type of services offered by these institutions.

The Award has four main categories: Outstanding Specialists, Institutional Excellence, Outstanding Family, and Corporate Social Responsibility. The first category covers those who are on a daily contact with the children such as Exceptional Special Educator, Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, IT teacher, music teacher, art teacher, Special Education Supervisors. The second category covers an important segment inductive to excellence such as: Exceptional Center, Managing Directors, Administrators, IT specialist, Research, Educational Projects, Awareness and Fund raising campaigns as well as Websites. The Outstanding Family Category shall acknowledge the parents who are an important element of the educational process.

The category of Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part to develop the special needs sector; therefore, the Award also aims to acknowledge the exceptional role and efforts of public and private institutions, volunteers and board members who go beyond the call of duty to support and advance the special needs causes.

During the Fourth Cycle, the category of Outstanding Research was modified to include two sub-categories: the Outstanding Institutional Research and the Outstanding Individual Research. The Outstanding Finance Employee and the Outstanding Administration Employee were merged into one category. A new category has been added under the title of “outstanding administration service employee” to include PRO, office boys, security guards, operators, drivers, maintenance workers, janitors… etc.

Mr. Mohammad Al Emadi, head of the executive committee, stated that the first cycle of the Award was restricted to Dubai. The award generated a lot of interest therefore was extended to the GCC countries first while the third cycle received participants from 450 special needs centers in the Arab world. The winners from the various countries have become ambassadors to their countries and promoting its objectives and aims.
Mr. Al Emadi also said: “Princess Haya Award for Special Education is a quantum leap to all those working in the special needs sector... It also highlights the role of social work supporters and encourages creativity and excellence through exceptional individuals and institutions that are working to advance this sector.”

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