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emaratech supports Princess Haya Award for Special Education

Alzaffin: exceling in community support is through twinning corporate social objectives with what society needs to ensure sustainability

Dubai, UAE – 1 February 2015: Thani Alzaffin, Director General & Board Member of emaratech praised the efforts of Princess Haya Award for Special Education and the good results achieved since its launch in 2008, creating a competitive and qualified environment that is capable of advancing and sustaining future services for special needs.

Thani Alzaffin and Mohammad Al Emadi

"emaratech aims to promoting solidarity among all those involved in caring for special needs, which will result in a society with no differences between its members, but an ongoing collaboration to enrich the quality of life for each member of the society, Alzaffin continued during signing the agreement with Mohammed Al Emadi, head of the award’s executive committee.

"This year, we launched Humanity for A Better Society program, which aims to foster initiatives that will raise the level of social responsibility of our employees as each one of us is a member of this society", he added.

"Each of us has a mission to offer to others; whether individuals or enterprise. Exceling in community support can be achieved through twinning corporate social objectives with what society really needs to ensure sustainability. Just like PHASE that honors excellence in special needs practices to enhance the overall services and performance in the area of special needs provision”, Alzaffin concluded.

Mohammed Al Emadi acclaimed the role of emaratech in supporting various social programs and the strategic thinking of dedicating financial and human resources to serve the community.

Mohammed Al Emadi also highlighted that the award program aims at promoting special education services and rewarding people working in the field, as well as enticing social roles of public and private sectors and encouraging them to provide strategic support to the Centers for special education. The program also inspires national, administrative and technical staff to exert more efforts to excel in the services offered to the special needs.

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