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Princess Haya Award for Special Education received 189 applications

Dubai – Jan 18, 2015: Princess Haya Award for Special Education (PHASE) in its fifth cycle announced a total of 189 nominations have been received this year by the panel from various special education centers in the UAE and Arab countries.


Consequently, the jury committee of the Award started the process of evaluation and arbitration of the received applications which varied in four main categories: Specialist Excellence, Institutional Excellence, Family Excellence and Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence. The four categories include therapists, special needs educators, administration and finance units, Special Needs Centers, applied researches, initiatives, campaigns, supporters, board members, volunteers and websites also have been included in the categories.

The phase committee has set certain criteria for individuals to participate in the award program. Upon receiving the applications from specialists and centers, The Jury committee evaluate and short list the candidates for an interview and same process followed for the field visit to the centers.

The winners will be announced on the day of the award ceremony.

2Dr. Ibtesam Al Bastaki, Head of the Jury Committee of the Award, declared that there were 36 applications received under the ‘Special Educator’ category, while 35 applications were received under the ‘Outstanding Therapist’ category, 7 applications under the category of Educational / Clinical Psychologist.The Outstanding Campaign category received 6 applications and the Outstanding Initiative category received 9 applications.

Also, 23 applications were received for the Outstanding Administration category, 4 applications for the Outstanding Website, 7 applications for the Outstanding Family, 16 applications for the Outstanding Special Needs Center, 13 applications for the Outstanding Supervisor / Head Teacher, 7 applications for the Outstanding Research, 2 applications for the Outstanding Board Member, and 8 applications for the Outstanding Volunteer.

Public and private institutions as well participated with 17 applications under the category of corporate social responsibility.

Below are the numbers of applications we have received in total and segregated as per country;

UAE: 164 Nos.
Kuwait: 10 Nos.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 6 Nos.
Jordan: 3 Nos.
Egypt: 1 No.
Palestine: 2 Nos.
Iraq: 1 No.
Maldives: 2 Nos.

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