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Q: Should an applicant provide a hardcopy of the documents?
A: No, the applicant must provide all documents in softcopy types (CD or USB memory).
Q: Can a special needs center nominate more than one employee to apply in one category?
A: No, however the center can nominate up to 3 nominees under the category of ‘Outstanding Special Educator’.
Q: Can special needs centers nominate more than one employee for each category of the supportive therapies such as speech therapy, occupational therapy…etc?
A: No, the center shall nominate one employee for each category of the supportive therapies.
Q: Is it possible for the winners to participate in the Award for the next year?
A: The winner cannot participate in the same category for the next 2 years. However, the winner can participate in a different category for the next year.
Q: Is it possible to nominate a special educator who has no qualification degree in the field?
12. It’s possible only for the nominee who has a min 7 years experience in the special education field.
Q: If a nominee was not selected as a winner this year, is it allowed for him/her to participate next year?
A: Yes, it is allowed. And the nominee can take advantage from the previous year’s Jury feedback.
Q: If there are shortcomings in my application, am I going to be notified to complete my file before filing the application for the Jury?
A: The nominee will be notified to complete the file if there are any main shortcomings.
Q: Is there any specific form or number of the recommendation letters?
A: There is no specific form or number of the recommendation letters.
Q: Is there a specific form of the nomination letter?
A: No, there is no specific form for the nomination letter; however, it shall be signed by the director of the center and includes highlights about the nominee.
Q: Is there a specific number of the supportive documents/evidences?
A: No, there is no specific number; however, all documents shall cover only the last five years of the nominee’s experience.
Q: When is the date of the winners’ announcement?
A: The Award will announce the winners during the annual official ceremony. The date of the Ceremony will be scheduled by the beginning of each year.
Q: Are the results subject to be reviewed with the Jury?
A: The jury's decision is final and not debatable.
Q: Will be there any interview for the nominees?
A: The Jury will interview only the shortlisted nominees.
Q: Is it possible to take back the submitted files of the nominees?
A: The submitted files for the Award belongs to the Award, however the nominee can take back the hard copies in case there is a softcopy containing all print files.
Q: Will the Jury provide feedback on the applications of the nominees?
A: Yes, the Jury will provide feedback to the Executive Committee on all applications. The Committee then will contact the nominees and provide them with their applications’ feedback.
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