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Outstanding Special Needs Center:
AD Rehab & Care Center for Special Needs
  outstanding fundraising Campaign: Credit Cards Campaign - Al Noor Training Center   outstanding board member: Mr. Khalid Al Halyan, Chairman of Al Noor Center   outstanding administration employee: Alaa Al Zoubi
award   award   award   award
outstanding music therapist: Assim Khalili   outstanding awareness campaign: Child’s Disorder.. Parents Ordeal - Dubai Autism Center   outstanding website: www.dubaiautismcenter.ae   outstanding director Dr. Mahshid Salehi
award   award   award   award
outstanding computer instructor: Mohammed Arhame   outstanding finance employee Mohammed Fadel   Outstanding Physiotherapist Mohammed Yousef   Outstanding Volunteer Maryam Al Yamahi
award   award   award   award
Outstanding Special Education Supervisor Mona Mohammed Bagh   Outstanding Occupational Therapist: Namrata Kumar   Outstanding Speech Therapist Abdelrahman Naqawah   Employee of the Year: Abdulrahman Naqawah
award   award   award   award
Outstanding Family: Family of Nilofar Salim - Al Manzil Center   Outstanding Vocational Therapist Ranjini Ramnath   Outstanding Special Needs Educator Salah Odeh   Outstanding Project: Tasneem Chocolate Project -- Fujairah Rehab Center
Outstanding Institutional Supporter: Zurich International >> Al Manzil Center            
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